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In the race of search engines, Bing has its own place as it is a merger of two yahoo and Bing itself. Bing is owned by Microsoft, so it can be called the founder of Bing is bill gates. Bing is the merger of MSN and searches too. These are the products owned by Microsoft.

Google has its own reputation as the most used search engine in the world, in this race Bing vs Google both of them challenge each other at different states. Bing was launched in the year 2009 as a search engine furthermore it is added by MSN and Live and become a giant network. Headquarter is registered in Washington. It was a site launched on ASP.NET.


Bing Interface

In the comparison between Bing vs Google, Bing’s interface wins the race as it has a classy interface, changed from time to time with a unique picture in the background. The logos of Bing and Microsoft are united as Microsoft Bing and on the upper left corner of the page. In between the page, the search pan is there, where you can search and ask any query related to your problem. You can reach the main interface of this search engine by in the chrome or web you are using. The result of queries here on Bing is almost the same as Google and within the same time almost.

Google vs Bing

Both of these search engines are used widely, but if a comparison is put together then somewhere Bing has more plus points and somewhere Google wins the race.

  • Landing page: Google has a classy finish when talking about the main interface, which they kept classy, decent, and it has been like this since made. Meanwhile, the interface of Bing has a watermarked pictured as a background. on which all the features are snipped, it gives a cool effect though
  • Language: Google’s searches can be made in more than 100 languages of different regions meanwhile Bing provides the facility of translated searches in more than 40 languages.
  • Speech or voice search: Bing and Google both provide this feature of searching anything by speaking as you do not feel easy to write.
  • Image search: Bing advances this facility of image search, in the searching panel of there is an advanced feature of searching through the image. This panel shows different pictures, either you select one of them or you might drag or copy-paste the picture you think fits in.
  • Wallpaper: Google has white wallpaper in order to keep the engine old and classy but Bing search engine changes the feel of the interface from time to time, they select a picture to put as wallpaper. You can download that picture if you like it a lot. there is an option of downloading that picture from the bottom right corner of the main interface of
  • Speed: speed of both engines is almost the same but counting in nanoseconds, Google wins this race as it has been optimized from time to time. Google has searched every year than Google’s networking and its product line has also increased much
  • Translator: in the comparison of Bing vs Google, both of these search engines have translators. Bing’s translator is owned by Microsoft and gives then accurate results just like Google translator gives.
  • Third-party featuring: the third party means social media site Facebook has announced lately to drop of their search engine from Google to Bing. you can use Facebook connect directly through bing’s interface

Thus, both of these engines have unique features or the same too when in comparison both found equal than other.

Other products

Other Microsoft products can be approached through the main Bing search, other products include maps powered by Microsoft, MSN (Microsoft news), news (Bing news), and office suite. Microsoft office and its products are easily available on the main interface of .you can work on them online through this channel. This office suite of included the calendar or drive software too. Bing searches are in less number as Google has the most number of searches in the whole world.

Video searching on

If we compare Google and Bing then Google is winning the race by owning a video search engine called YouTube but Bing or Microsoft also had invented a video search engine like the thing. They created a separate panel for videos on the main interface. You can land on the main page of Bing by writing in the search panel of a web browser. Like you can go to YouTube anytime by downloading the application of it like this nothing has been invented by Bing search yet.


You can find videos in small snippets after clicking on the video tab available on Bing’s landing page the title of the video is written in bold letters so; you don’t find difficulty in searching the video of your choice.

Microsoft Account

You can create an id on Bing if you have a yahoo id so you can use that too as yahoo and Bing are the same search engines after their merge. If you are willing to make a Microsoft id, you can make it through the sign-in option on the Bing search page. You can make an account by simply providing your yahoo id or phone number or Skype id. Then you can enjoy multiple choices or features of Bing and Microsoft collectively.


Bing’s search engine is not so big and widely used but comes up with features that made it stand out in the race of search engines. Bing also provides the facility to earn through advertisement using a search engine. Bing ad is the service they provide. Google and its products (if) are restricted in any area like china so people use their own search engine (Baidu, Chinese search engine) or Bing as an alternate. Bing’s engine is optimized and made recently this is one of the reasons for its competition with worldwide famous Google.