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What’s a supermoon? | The Planetary Society


You will have seen headlines a few strawberry supermoon occurring on June 14, however what precisely does that imply? 

Principally, a supermoon is when the total Moon seems bigger than normal. This occurs roughly yearly when the total Moon falls close to the purpose the place the Moon is closest in its orbit to Earth. 

The Moon’s 27-day orbit across the Earth will not be completely round. Its distance to Earth varies between 363,300 and 405,500 kilometers (226,000 and 253,000 miles). When the Moon is at its closest level to Earth, it seems as much as 14% greater and 30% brighter to observers on Earth.

As a result of the Moon’s closest level lasts for some time, we’ll often get a few supermoons in a row though they will not look the very same. 




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