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Picric Acid Check for Glucose


Picric acid check is used for decreasing sugars, and is a extremely delicate chemical exams. Picric acid reactions (poisonous yellow crystal stable) which can also be referred to chemically as 2,4 6-trinitrophenol (TNP) reacts with sugars which can be diminished to create Picramic Acid that’s red-colored.

The Picric Acid check is made up of a sugar that has useful ketone or free aldehyde teams inside its molecular construction, which acts as an agent to scale back. Examples embody fructose, glucose and lactose. maltose and arabinose. aside from sucrose.

Precept of Picric Acid Check

The Picric Acid response will be described as a delicate chemical check to find out the presence of decreasing sugars in carbohydrates. Picric Acid (poisonous Yellow crystal stable) is also called chemically as 2,4,6 trinitrophenol (TNP) Picric acid response happens when there are current decreasing sugars and leads to Picramic Acid which is red-colored.

Lowered properties are noticed within the monosaccharides and disaccharides which have a free aldehyde or ketone. Lowered sugars include the free aldehyde or ketone group with the aptitude of decreasing.

In an alkaline atmosphere, they scale back the natural acids in numerous kinds. So as to make the answer alkaline, fundamental sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) is added. Picric acid (yellow resolution) is transformed to picramic acid through decreasing sugars (mahogany the purple resolution).

Principle of Picric Acid Test
Precept of Picric Acid Check | Supply:



  • Boiling water tub
  • Pipette
  • Check tube
  • Check tube stand

Chemical substances

  • Picric acid
  • Sodium Carbonate

Picric Acid

  • Saturated picric acid: Dissolve 13 mg picric Acid in 100mL Double distillated water, then boil the answer after which enable to chill.
  • 10% Sodium Carbonate: Dissolve 10 grams of Sodium Carbonate in 50 mL water, dilute it with water to 50 mL, then combine.

Process of Picric Acid Check

  1. Add 1mL of the above reagent to 1mL of the check resolution adopted by 0.5 mL of 10% Sod. Carbonate resolution.
  2. Warmth the check tube in a boiling water tub.
  3. Observe the colour of the answer.

Results of Picric Acid Check

Optimistic consequence within the picric acid response is the looks of a mahogany purple color within the resolution. This can be a signal of the presence of decreasing sugar inside the resolution.

Result of Picric Acid Test
Results of Picric Acid Check | Picture Supply:

Software of of Picric Acid Check

Picric acid check is used to detect the decreasing sugars. Mahogany purple resolution is the optimistic consequence. A compound (right here sugar, saccharides or sugar) that has the free aldehyde or ketone group can have discount properties. When they’re in an alkaline resolution they’ll scale back natural acids. To make the answer extra alkaline (or fundamental), Sodium Carbonate (Na2Co3) will be added. Within the course of, diminished sugars remodel Picric Acid response (yellow resolution) to picramic acid (mahogany purple resolution).


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