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If you are new to LinkedIn and do not have much experience in this world. This guide is definitely for you. Just hold back and enjoy the basic guidelines absolutely for beginners and newbies. LinkedIn for business can be more beneficial than you think, after all when you invest in marketing on LinkedIn, in addition to attracting new customers, you can also gain brand recognition. For these and other reasons, creating an account on linkedin social network can determine the success of your business.

Where to start your LinkedIn marketing strategy:

Users have a presence on LinkedIn for two reasons, or for two purposes:

  • They have a personal profile and want to search for a job or promote their personal brand.
  • They seek to promote and increase the visibility of their company.

Whether you are on for the first or for the second reason, to achieve your goals you will have to apply a marketing strategy.

And that's what we're going to tell you now, so take note...

How to create a LinkedIn account?

We teach how LinkedIn for business works, and it's fairer than showing how to create an account, right?

To start, you must access the website or access the application, available on all platforms.

When accessing, you will come across a page similar to this one. You need to enter your first and last name, email or phone, and a password that will be used to access your profile.

After entering your details, LinkedIn asks you to enter your phone number to receive an SMS or a link with the confirmation code. After receiving the code, simply complete the information.

Linkedin Login:

Once these steps are complete, you can be proud. You have just created a LinkedIn account now you can perform a Linkedin login by accessing


How to create a Linkedin Company Page?

If you want to publicize your business, increase visibility, and gain followers, it is essential that you have a page on LinkedIn.

It is the perfect showcase for your business. With this page, you will get to:

  • Potential customers
  • People interested in your brand
  • People who want to work with you

These pages should be a marketing landing with information about your brand or company with interesting data. Think of it as your cover letter to attract future clients.

This small hole on LinkedIn allows you to make updates to promote or teach your audience what your new products or services, offers, etc

Advantages of Linkedin Pages for Companies:

Having a company page on LinkedIn has many advantages at the marketing level ...

  • Help people who want more information about your business to consult your company profile.
  • You can post job opportunities and recruit workers.
  • You can carry out a communication plan to publicize your products or services.
  • It will help your positioning in Linkedln.

Linkedin Algorithms:

Like the rest of the networks, LinkedIn has its own algorithm to manage the appearance of publications to users. After the Linkedin login now you are bound to follow the Linkedin algorithms and it’s your duty to learn them effectively for better user experience.

Knowing how its algorithm works will help you gain visibility, so you will know how to act when you make publications and what things LinkedIn likes ...

The main objectives of the professional network are two:

  • Prioritize relevant content
  • Promote engagement

Which means that you have to give priority to sharing content that is relevant to your sector and leave the colloquial content for another social network.

Increase your Engagements:

LinkedIn wants to promote engagement, which means that you have to do marketing in order to please your audience and hook them to your content, that they want to interact with you: give likes, share content, make comments, etc.

For this to work, you have to be interested in your users and invite them to interact with your publications and your brand.

Linkedin Ads:

LinkedIn also allows you to invest in ads to increase your business visibility and achieve your marketing goals.

This professional platform has a great advantage when it comes to making ads, and that is that you can make a good segmentation and thus ensure that you reach a much more qualified audience with interests in you or your brand.


LinkedIn Ads allows you to make two types of ads:

Sponsored Content:

Which promotes your business and increase your visibility.

Traditional ads:

with text and images, which are widely used to promote courses, webinars, ebooks, etc.

What is LinkedIn Pulse:

This is a tool that this social network offers people so that they can write articles and share the result with their connections.

Pulse, as it is called, allows people to bring opinions and ideas to others, developing interaction between users.

However you can access pulse after Linkedin login as it is exclusive to users, company pages cannot post on this platform. That is, if a company has a company page it cannot post on Pulse, however, if that company has a profile, it can post normally, as if it were any user.

A while ago, LinkedIn Pulse was a very private “club”, there were many goals that needed to be achieved, but today it is a platform open to the public and everyone can post there.

Final Words:

So far we have shared everything about how to make a good marketing strategy on Linkedin. Now it's your turn to get down to work!