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How lengthy till we get to Cloud Cuckoo Land?


Somebody requested Elon Musk once we’d be touchdown folks on Mars.

His reply: 2029. In seven years.

I’d prefer to know when everybody lastly realizes that Musk is totally out of contact with actuality. The present massive challenge his employed engineers are engaged on is the Starship (such hubris…) heavy lifter — they’re making larger and larger rockets, and that’s imagined to take off this 12 months. However that isn’t even touching the true downside of getting folks to Mars. It’s a 7-9 month one-way journey! 21 months when you plan to deliver them again dwelling…not that I’m in any respect assured that Musk would care about that, he’s not going, in spite of everything. He’s nowhere close to understanding the issues of sustained life help in an extremely hostile surroundings, the place the crew can be utterly remoted from any likelihood of assist, and the place they’ll be soaking in radiation. Nobody goes to be prepared in seven years. The tech received’t be right here.

I’ll remind you that we obtained to the Moon six occasions, with astronauts hopping round for a couple of days every time, and that was it. We haven’t gone again. It’s doable, I might think about folks might make a couple of extra journeys within the 2030s to the Moon, however that’s trivial compared to going to Mars.

I’ll additionally remind you of the historical past of Musk’s grand tasks. He was going to unravel visitors with tunnels, bear in mind.

It turned out to be a pitiful quick, however costly, tube that a couple of automobiles at a time might drive by way of. When Musk guarantees, count on one thing far in need of the dream.

He could be vaguely conscious of that.

That first remark is a lie. He doesn’t love humanity — perhaps he has a couple of idealistic fantasies about his imprecise imaginative and prescient of “humanity”, however he’s an out of contact billionaire who is completely remoted from the herd. That’s why he hates visitors and mass transit, he needs to dwell in a bubble.

That final bit although, that oh-look-a-squirrel second, is ideal. Yeah, I imagine he’s able to advertising and marketing pez dispensers.




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