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Hotmail which was an old version of Microsoft was upgraded in 2017 and is now known as which is more advanced. hotmail name was changed in 2012 with more enhanced features.

Hotmail Signup

In your browser search bar write any of the following addresses like / you would be redirected to the page where you can log in to your outlook or Hotmail page.

When you will type you will see a page on your screen that will ask you for some necessary information like your username, password, your phone number.

The step regarding signup are given below just follow them to get a Hotmail signup

  1. In the beginning, you would be asked to write your first and last name
  2. In the next step, you have to mention your gender
  3. It's compulsory to give your date of birth for some later verification purposes
  4. Now in this step, you are going to give your desired username that will be used for your mail the browser will help you to find an appropriate username that would be available
  5. If you get your username then you will set a password using the alphabet, numeric keys r alpha numeric keys don’t put a spacebar as it will not be a part of your password
  6. In the next step, you will have to give an alternate email address it will help you in the case forget your password you would be asked for a recovery email address at that time you will give your alternate email address to recover your account
  7. Mention your nationality
  8. To verify you are not a robot write the given captcha in the space provided
  9. Click ‘I agree ‘in order to proceed and confirm that you agree with the policies and terms of services
hotmail signup

Hotmail login from windows

It is important to mention here how we would log in by the most widely used operating system if it’s your first time logging in follow these steps.

  1. Write mail on the search bar for windows 10, click get started
  2. Select add account
  3. From the options given click Hotmail
  4. Give details on Hotmail and click login
  5. Now start using Hotmail on window

Hotmail mobile app

By installing the mobile application you can also use your Hotmail on your mobile just follow the instructions below.

  • From your corresponding app store download the Hotmail application
  • Go to signup add your existing Hotmail id and password and you will access your mailbox directly on your mobile
  • Once you add your Hotmail to the application you will be able to get notifications about all the messages to get in your mailbox

Can I remain signed in to my Hotmail?

If you have a fear of forgetting your password or you think it is a waste of time to enter your email and password again and again you can select Keep me signed in option.

But here there is a caution that if you are using a shared computer so you should not take a risk of selecting the keep me signed in option because the other person logging in can directly reach your mailbox and this could risk your privacy.

Hotmail Profile picture

Well, Hotmail also provides you the facility to add your profile picture in its upgraded version so if you're fed up with seeing grey profile pictures you can now change it by following steps.

  • Go to your name at the top right corner of your main page
  • Click “edit profile” and then “edit image”
  • A new page will appear that will let you to choose a file
  • Select the image you want to upload crop it as you want and save it

In case I forget my password!

If you signing in to your Hotmail id after a couple of days and you forget your password you can get it back for that first of all choose” I forgot my password” that you will see at the bottom of your login page.

  • Now a captcha would appear you just copy it down and you will get the ways to recover your password
  • If you haven’t been given any phone number try another mode of recovery
  • In this, you will have to give all the information you have provided in the form like your date of birth, name, and also the security question
  • Also, the recovery email address that you have provided in case of you forget the password
  • At this address, you will be informed about the recovery of your account within 24 hours

Advice for your Hotmail security

Here are some ways to keep your account safe from account thefts there could be a loss of your account due to your carelessness while logging in to your account to keep your account safe from fraudulent people keeps these things in your mind.

  • Change your password regularly
  • Keep this under consideration that no one must be around you while entering your password
  • Always log out when you are done with your account if using a shared computer
  • Lastly, install antivirus and keep it updated so that you can be notified about any phishing attempt

Important guidelines

Microsoft has provided you its services for free without any hurdle and we make sure that if you follow the instructions given above there is minimum chance of losing private data moreover if it’s easy for you to remember so change your password every three to six months and don’t share your details r password with anyone.