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Hotmail is a web-based e-mail service also known as Some argue that India does not have a visionary mindset. However, this is not the case. Two notable innovators are Aryabhatta, a cosmologist and mathematician who invented "zero (0)," and Sabeer Bhatia, an Indian-American entrepreneur who invented the Hotmail platform.

As a result, read the entire page to learn more about Hotmail's primary features: Hotmail account creation; Hotmail preview editing; communication layout; Outlook personalization; available services; login issues; device compatibility; customer support; and FAQs.

How to Sign Up for a Hotmail Account

You'll be taken to a homepage screen with the link if you type or into your browser window. The user will be requested to enter personal information such as his username (email address, Skype name, or even phone number) and password on the connection screen.

  1. A thorough, proceed technique is provided below
  2. Your’s first and last names will be required to be entered first
  3. For additional verification, you must enter your date of birth
  4. The following step is to submit details about your gender
  5. Then we'll pick a Microsoft account name, such as we can put whatever we want on [email protected] or an [email protected]; the only criterion is that the username is available
  6. After we've confirmed that the name is accessible, we'll establish and confirm a password that allows you to access your account
  7. Whenever you forget and lose your password, we give a phone number and an alternate email address so you may easily obtain them
  8. It is required to state one's nationality
  9. To prove that we are not a robot, we must also complete the captcha

By clicking "I agree," we agree to all of the terms of service and policies.

Hotmail login using a windows computer

The most widely used operating system in the world is "Windows," which is why we have to include it since the same is true in this post technique includes By default, there is an area for email, which you can access by following the steps below.

  1. For Windows 10, go to 'Mail' and click 'Get Started'
  2. Select "+ Add account" from the drop-down menu
  3. From the drop-down option, choose "Outlook" (in which Hotmail is included)
  4. After entering your Hotmail account information, click 'Login'
  5. Make use of the Windows service

Hotmail (Outlook) mobile version

On your Android or iOS smartphone, you can download the (Hotmail) mobile app. Follow the steps below to log into the Hotmail mobile app:

Download the Hotmail program from the respective store

Android and iOS

If you don't already have a Hotmail account, open the app and join up; if you do, you can use your existing Hotmail account to have your mailbox transferred to your phone.

  1. Type the Outlook email address you registered in the "Add account" area, then click "Continue."
  2. Click "Login" after entering your email account's password
  3. Your inbox can now be accessed directly from the app on your phone

It is recommended that you set up notifications when connecting you can use your Hotmail account with the official application are aware of all communications that arrive in your mailbox. You can access your email from your mobile phone by typing into your favorite browser.

It is recommended that you enable notifications when connecting your Outlook or Hotmail account to the official application so that you are aware of all communications that arrive in your mailbox.

By typing into your preferred browser, you can access your email from your mobile phone.

How to keep your Hotmail account's functionality up to date

If you don't want to have to re-enter your address and password every time you connect, check the "Keep me signed in" box; they'll be pre-registered, and you won't have to waste time providing the required information for identification. It also prevents you from forgetting your password.

If you are connecting to Outlook from a computer that is not yours or a public computer, you should not pre-register your login and password because the next person to connect to Outlook will be lead immediately. As a starting point, use the account's unique identifiers.

Consider your Hotmail profile

It's fantastic news. Clients of Hotmail can now upload a photo to their profile. at Goodbye, drab and outmoded, empty of the people who have always defined you with words.

To get the most out of this upgrade, follow these simple instructions:

To continue, go to and click on your name in the upper right corner. Update your personal information as needed. The two options are "Edit profile" and "Edit image." Alter the image.

On a new page, the option to "Choose File" will appear. You'll have the option of picking and choosing which photographs to upload, as well as resizing the image if necessary. Keep this information in mind for the future.

I'm unable to access my account

When the connection breaks, click the "I forgot my password" link, and a webpage with a series of questions concerning the connection failure will appear. When your internet connection goes down, what should you do?

After that, you'll be taken to a page with three options: My password has been forgotten. My password is correct, yet I am unable to log in. My Microsoft account appears to be in use by someone other than me. As a consequence, each time you click the "Next" button, you'll have to check the appropriate box.

The focus of the guide is Hotmail

You'll be able to make use of Microsoft's free service with ease if you follow the guidelines we just gave you. Your account will be entirely secure with them, and you will have no problems. Changing your password at least once every six months is a good idea, and you should never give out your security question or password information to anyone. Have a good time exploring!