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Google was invented in 1995 and officially start operating in 1998. Google was initially invented as a search engine or a query searching platform by its parent company Alphabet, which has been the biggest company ever. The Google search engine was invented by two friends who were fresh graduates of computer science from the University in California.

Sergey brin and Lary page are the founders of Google they named Google as backrub in 1996. They were interested in making web development or application making. Google’s name was derived from the Latin word “googol” which has meaning in a mathematics encyclopedia; a figure with 1 and 100 zeros. This reveals that so many queries and searches are made on Google’s platform every day.


Google Interface

By typing in the address bar you will land on the main page of Google which has its simple logo in four colors, right below the logo there is a bar for typing and searches, you can type anything you want to search on it, any news, image or even video. For video searching, Google has its own platform called YouTube. YouTube is the search engine for videos owned by Google. takes you to the main interface of Google, below the address bar; there are two more tabs as well for searching and looking for any doodle created by Google on any special occasion. if you are not a native English speaker or you do not have good English speaking skills, you can still use easily, because there is an ease of language selection on

Google India

Google has international repo worldwide as a search engine always available for any kind of queries. But as we all know the CEO of google the genius and fortune brain Sundar Pichai is from India, so there is something special with You can ask questions through if you are located in India, yes you can search any news regarding politics, entertainment, fashion and style, and anything of your interest which is happening in India.


There are some specified algorithms called spiders that crawl over the data you put in the query section, crawling means to investigate or to scrutinize. Then within a matter of seconds, your desired result will be on your screen. Through visiting on your chrome or web, you can see the other products of Google too, which includes Gmail on the main interface of

Products of Google:

Google initially started as a search engine, later on, when other search engine starts popping up, Google stretches the product line. Some of the products of Google are as follows.

  • is the no.1 search engine till 2005, and then in this year, Google introduced its products of maps, android, and analytics.
  • YouTube was created by Google in the year 2006, it is the video platform of
  • Google translate, Google Drive, and Google chrome are the products of Google too.
  • Regarding business, Google has ad sense and Google tag management software.
  • Google has worked in the field of operating system or hardware too.

Google Networking

Google has other networking linked sites, which may help you out in earning money through its networks. Google AdSense is the platform used for putting ads on Google and its products or some websites that are searched. takes you to the platform where you can write Google networking and you will be able to see its other linked sites. Not only ad sense, but there are also many options that are used to advertise ads such as maps and other linked sites of Google like YouTube. For video ad making Google provides a platform called true view. With the help of this, you can make video ads to crawl on Google. Landing Page

In order to have the know-how of the landing page of Google, when you type you need to read this. Google has its landing page simple and easy to read and use for those who are not daily users of There are privacy terms and policies in the right end corner of the page you land on. On the left end corner, there is a space for your specified country plus they let you aware of their products naming as advertising, business, and settings as well.

If you found this search keyword useless for any error, you can also search for and you will be on the same page. You can have more information about how searching works through their specifies tab on the main page of

Google Images


If you want to see images only, and you want to have a separate platform for image selection, has this platform. When you type in chrome or web, you will be on the interface of Google on the upper right corner, you can see two tabs by name images and Gmail. By clicking on images you can browse or search any image you want to see. Gmail is the product of Google, which specializes in electronic mail sending and receiving.

Google Speech search

Now Google has spread its network all over the internet. You can count it as a one-stop searching engine for documents, images, videos, maps, and so on. In order to land on Google’s query platform, you need to enter the address of Google in the chrome search panel or address bar. By clicking this address you will get to know about Google’s official page. If you find difficulty in writing properly, you have the facility to search through the speech search options Google provides. Through tapping on the mic you can see the interface for speaking what you want to search. This special feature of Google is for those whose native language is other than English.


Google has all the desired results you want. All you need to do is write and you will be on the door to enter the whole new world as per your wish. By putting, this site will take you on the page of query searching. In order to watch videos separately, YouTube is the platform of and you will be able to search for any video you want.