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Bechly: “Life’s Second ‘Huge Bang’”


Photograph: Günter Bechly in a scene from the documentary Revolutionary, through Discovery Institute.

German paleontologist Günter Bechly is co-author (with Stephen Meyer) of the chapter titled “The Fossil File and Common Widespread Ancestry” within the e-book Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique. On a basic episode of ID the Future with host Sarah Chaffee, he strikes on from the Cambrian explosion (see right here) to debate “life’s second ‘huge bang.’” He then touches on different organic explosions, together with the Avalon explosion, the Triassic explosion, the origin of flowering crops, and the origin of placental mammals. “There’s no cheap means,” Bechly concludes, “to get from micro organism to mammals through evolutionary processes.” Obtain the podcast or take heed to it right here.




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