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2.5 – 5.2 Vibration and Substance – TPS – English


From the Lambdoma of the Genesis of Concepts:

2.5 Vibration is the quiver of Substance


5.2 Substance is the bottom of Spirit

The Polarity of concepts expresses and realizes the first relationship between:

2.2 Area is infinity fecundated by Life

5.5 Manifestation is the emergence of the divine Design

On this article we pursue understanding of contribution between vertex 2.5/5.2 within the context of 6.1 12 months/Aim’s work, towards the new Esoteric World Faith. Allow us to as one “magnetize infinity” on this spatial area of service on the time of the Jupiter/Venus heliocentric conjunction.

On this second, the road turns into the purpose. Vibration irradiates substance into myriad multiplicity. “[…] The magnetic vibration has molded all artistic manifestations. Thus, Our shut co-workers, having accepted the fantastic thing about the Educating, can be strengthened by the magnetic vibration.” (Agni Yoga. Infinity II § 158)

2.5 – Jupiter and Venus dance enraptured in Divine polarity… Vibration alone is an thought with out a super, a container with out the contained, a Lover with out the Beloved. When Jupiter conjoins within the illumined Gentle of Venus, the sacred Thriller penetrates into the world of Substance, and the polarity 2.5/5.2 comes alive. All creation grows fecund and provides itself in limitless enlargement.

We could visualize Substance quivering into new risk, all directed ahead upward, outward downward, into the One. The quiver comprises protects embraces like a child within the mom’s pouch till in divine regulation and order enlightened woke up Substance is able to emerge and do its work. Life quivers because it seeks manifestation in type. The devas are ever prepared to provide help.

Within the Sacred lambdoma 7×7, 2.5 is the binder by illumined imaginative and prescient. “The starry sky is essentially the most stunning image of the interval 2.5, and it’s value analyzing it higher… From aboard any heavenly physique all of the others might be seen (it’s merely a query of getting the precise means at one’s disposal, there aren’t any pure impediments), solely the prospects range. So streams of sunshine hyperlink each star to all of the others that exist, and, as their quantity could be very nice or limitless, these luminous threads make up a tissue with out gaps, with out a break in continuity. The starry universe appears to be fabricated from disparate solitudes while is a dwelling actuality of excellent communion.”

It’s right here that 2.5/5.2 provides itself to the work of 2022. We try towards communion with the Father.

The Masters ask us to attempt for the upper worlds in a relaxed coherence of coronary heart and thought, thus establishing what may “direct our consciousness. Jupiter and Venus.” (Agni Yoga, New Period Group § 32)

In Gemini, 2.5 is emboldened when the Cosmic Christ symbolically reveals Itself to humanity. In collaboration with the devic kingdom, Hierarchy drives this Nice Thriller into ever extra the fabric world. Humanity turns into the sunshine of the world.

“Within the pulsating Area of Life, any Formulation, that’s, any affiliation of Concepts, is a Vibration. The part concepts, actually, vibrate with sounds and lights, which mix in a brand new vibration, extra complicated, however at all times harmonious and luminous.

[…] Vibration is the important thing to Heaven. It’s attributable to the mixture of Sound-Gentle and generates the Kind. It’s the key to a Door with out a door, that’s, the Middle the place the whole lot communicates.” (Enzio Savoini, Man on Planet and in Heaven – from Italian: L’uomo sul pianeta e nel Cielo, 1998)

By contemplation from a number of planes, vitality and power unite and a sacred communion happens. We have a good time these starry energies reassured by the Father’s constancy to its partner, the one whom is named Mom of the world, Venus, who in flip brings to her bosom the All whom she loves recognized within the Father.

The Triangle Shamballa, Venus and Earth are joined in Holy Household.

Now in excellent resonant collaboration, 5.2 takes on its work. The vitality of Vibration finds its manner into the Substance to be elevated. 5.2 turns into each an architect and an engineer because it constructs new and higher fashions. “I construct the brand new civilization… it’s each the most recent and most historic. That’s the reason it’s most excellent.”

Witness the Cosmic Christ impressing humanity with ever extra illumination. Witness humanity so enlightened because it collaborates extra successfully with the heavenly kingdom and finds efficient expression with ever extra artistic depth. These sacred planets help and strengthen humanity’s dedication because it finds its ft within the tumult, because it learns to face on this fiery exercise and because it turns into ever extra an helpful actor studying in group objective to redirect the involutionary energy into an evolutionary arc. When vitality and power unite, a sacred communion happens. We have a good time these starry energies reassured that the Logos won’t ever transfer away from its holy partner, Sacred Mom, substance transmuted, the all whom Venus loves.…


“After we talk about Spirit and Matter, we take into consideration the upper that means of Matter. After we communicate concerning the liberation of Spirit, we seek advice from these manifestations which might be known as materials life models. It have to be recognized that in talking about these unifications below numerous types a downfall of the spirit is known. For the spirit, being made manifest in matter, should aspire to the upper features along with matter. Matter is impelled to creativeness which supplies rise to types of life. And the spirit should know particularly how sacred is the sojourn in matter. The cosmic idea of the Female Precept as Matter is so lofty—the Fact is to date above the worldly understanding! Solely a pure and elevated consciousness can respect this comparability. It’s tough to dissociate Spirit from Matter.” (Agni Yoga. Fiery World III § 304)


5.2 builds ever extra successfully the brand new civilization in all its types – methods, cultures, the brand new world Faith, purifying and energizing new types all bridging humanity with the Heavenly Man. Within the starry heavens these sacred Triangles – the Avatar of Synthesis, Shamballa and Venus, pour into planet Earth and acknowledge a brand new receptivity as humanity responds and awakens pushing nearer to the 5th religious kingdom. Humanity receives the Christ vitality and builds new constructions. Humanity experiments because it types new collectives. Humanity seeks communion with the All.

“The Spatial Substance is traversed by a thrill that shakes and renews it. By its nature it doesn’t resist, and is furrowed in all instructions by nice trails of fireplace. An excellent want affirms itself and responds; the nice Mom obeys the celestial will and prepares to cowl it with innumerable types.” (Enzio Savoini, The Photo voltaic System in Area, from Italian: Il Sistema solare nello Spazio, 1993, rewritten 1999)

“[…] Individuals need to see matter in the whole lot, and they’re proper, however provided that they acknowledge its many states and properties. The very phrase “matter” is an effective one and is akin to the nice idea of Maternal Matter. At current, within the age of the Mom of the World, one ought to pay particular consideration to all that’s associated to this magnificent Basis. Moreover, it ought to be understood that it’s this idea of matter that features all doable properties of the substance out of which all is born.

It’s stated that matter is crystallized spirit, however one may say it in another way, as a result of the whole lot, beginning with the subtlest energies, is matter. It will be a terrific limitation for one to disclaim the precept of the one basic vitality, for by doing this he may even deny matter. What then would such an ignorant particular person have left? It’s time to return to the phrase “matter” its true that means. He who considers himself a materialist should respect matter in all its types. It’s unfit to name oneself a materialist and deny the very essence of matter. […]” (Agni Yoga. Supermundane III § 638)


Yr/Aim 6.1 – In poised alignment with The Father, Generator of All Life, this polarity of two.5/5.2 conceives the brand new platform for Communion with the Father. 2.5/5.2 polarity contributes to the brand new Communion by binding collectively atomic filaments that direct again to the All in Life.

“Everlasting Fireplace fills all our bodies, and thru them is unified with the upper fiery vitality. In such a way is the Common sap labored again and again. This mysterious, ever self-regenerating substance can’t be named in any other case. Thus the whole lot manifested serves for the renewing of the Everlasting Substance. The circle serves as the very best illustration of the cooperation of energies.” (Agni Yoga. Fiery World II § 400)

This new communion enlivens new Esoteric World Faith. Transfiguration seems with a brand new communal ethic, a trans-cultural interplanetary ethics based mostly upon the Nice Regulation of Compassion. Now Substance radiates having been saturated by Fohat. Now the polarities of gender Mom/Father fuse. The brand new communion flashes forth a artistic consciousness in time and house. As humanity grows extra causal, limitless geminations of recent Seed ideas produce new methods, new establishments, new cultures all asserting that humanity is sky born. Humanity is enfleshed with the Divine. The workplace of the Christ prompts extra illumined artistic potential with all who attempt to be current, to be receptive by the Nice Triangle of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. The profit to humanity now’s to Be. When planetary Substance begins identification with the photo voltaic Gentle, itself ever extra energized by the various conjunctions within the starry heavens, all is revealed.   Magnificence is actual! Concord grows ever extra doable. And so, the Father is happy with the contribution of this polarity 2.5/5.2 because it demonstrates capacity to carry Manifestation in Substance and Substance again to Spirit. The Father is happy that regardless of inconceivable enlargement there stays the quiver of knowledge to bind the divinely impressed enlargement. The Father blesses the contribution of Substance transfigured.

“The vibration of the guts expands like a magnetic wave of spirit. The vibration of the guts expands like a ray of sunshine. In all cosmic manifestations, the Magnet of the Excellent Coronary heart attracts. Solely the lever of the guts can direct the motion towards the true supply. When the ray of consciousness contacts the Spatial Fireplace, the cosmic vibration enters into life. Due to this fact, the acutely aware course of the ray of the guts will result in creation. Thus, the cosmic attraction is imbued by the Coronary heart of Cosmos. When the vibration of the guts strives to create, the vitality of the Cosmic Magnet responds to that striving. Thus acutely aware attraction will produce a boundless striving.” (Agni Yoga. Infinity II § 199)


As by a magnifying glass behold the great
and belittle tenfold the indicators of imperfection,
lest you stay as you at all times have been





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