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1.5 – 5.1 Thought and Spirit – TPS – English


From the Lambdoma of the Genesis of Concepts:

1.5 Thought – Thought is the realizing energy of Life

5.1 Spirit – Spirit is the omnipotence of Life

This Polarity expresses and realises the connection between these Major Concepts:

1.1 Life – Life IS


5.5 Manifestation – Manifestation is
the emergence of the divine Design

Life, in its pursuit and growth, makes use of the ability of the Fifth Ray to create its types of expression and provides rise to Manifestation. Its Objective and Design aren’t knowable by the human thoughts, but its magnificence and order and the inexhaustible power of its expression give the Coronary heart the chance to understand its essence. By direct data (one other identify for Instinct), that’s, by way of the upper Thoughts of which Venus is the instrument, it reveals the Design by way of its Kinds.

Man, son and a part of God, can be a creator and builder of works, all of the extra excellent and harmonious the extra they conform to the Divine Mannequin. Utilizing this school is given to everybody, utilizing it for the Good and the Stunning requires an open Coronary heart and a luminous Thoughts: rising and evolving on this artwork is definitely a part of the Divine Plan designed for humanity, a bridge between kingdoms, which is entrusted with the duty of “connecting above and under”.

Each human being is given this school. Inevitably the prototypes of human creations might be imperfect and even depraved for a very long time, and but the Energy of the Spirit can’t be deflected and distorted for lengthy, and certainly each “failed” try is an inevitable supply of enchancment.

On this time of Taurus/Scorpio, wherein Venus and Pluto align heliocentrically (specializing in the 2 formulation highlighted right here), humanity is flooded with the impetuous Mild and Magnificence-building Drive of Taurus, in addition to by the incessant battle for perfection and purification of Scorpio. It’s the axis of Humanity, of the Fourth Ray that characterises it, and additionally it is the axis of exoteric expression of Venus (Taurus) and Pluto (Scorpio): what an ideal correspondence, what an admirable help to the sensible and formal work of Spirit and Thought!

And right here the ability of Thought (1.5) is revealed, an instrument given to creators, by way of which Life manifests its being and conveys and articulates the everlasting and immutable omnipotence of the Spirit (5.1) in a number of kinds.

Allow us to replicate on the important thing phrases of the 1.5 – 5.1 relationship.


From the Provençal pensier, thought, derived from the Latin to suppose, to weigh and, figuratively, to ponder. Pensare (to suppose) is intensive of pendēre, being suspended, which some linguists imagine originates from the Indo-European root * PAND-/* SPAND- which expresses the thought of ​​movement in suspension.

The time period expresses the idea of a movement whose impulse comes from above.


From the Latin spiritus, breath, breeze, puff, important precept, derived from the Latin verb spirare, soffiare (to blow). From the thought of ​​a breath, which is mild and invisible, it went on to precise any incorporeal substance. From the Indo-European root *SPA-/*SPU-, which expresses the thought of ​​blowing. In Greek psycho means to blow, to breathe; psyché, breath and, since that is the signal and situation of residing, important breath, life, soul, spirit (and likewise “butterfly”). In French it’s esprit, in English spirit.

The time period psyche was first utilized in historical Greek poetry and Homer sees it as a breath of life. In Plato, the time period totally takes on the which means of a soul that survives after dying. In Russian, spirit is expressed by the time period duch, from the Indo-European root *DHU-, which provides the thought of ​​“pushing onerous on a hearth”. From the Sanskrit dhuma derives the Latin fumus, smoke, and the Greek thymos, spirit, soul. (F.  Rendich)

Considering, due to this fact, is artistic, it’s “born of the Spirit” and might collaborate to the divine Plan on Earth if it breathes and exhales the essence of Hearth.

“If the importance of the spirit is nice, then how a lot worth has the kid of spirit—thought?” (Leaves of Morya’s Backyard I § 335)

“Solely the thought which is saturated with the emanations of pure Hearth produces an intense spiral. Thought is the seed of spirit and of motion.”  (Infinity II § 40)

“The image of Hearth is present in all Teachings, and in Cosmos Hearth is affirmed because the manifestation of life. The substance of Hearth is so radiant that it’s not possible to outline and describe it. The Cosmic Breath is the Hearth of Area. All cosmic manifestations are permeated with Hearth and human thought is Hearth. Thought offers kind; thought offers route; thought offers life; thought imparts creativeness; thought imparts the attraction of a drawing magnet.” (Infinity I § 372)

Man – who’s given a phrase, a direct expression of thought – has to study the artwork of considering and talking in a harmonious relationship.

“Study of the ability of the spirit. Its energy is inexhaustible. A phrase is however a minute half. Because the whirlwind is however the seen signal of turbulence, because the snow is however the messenger of the chilly, because the lightning is however the eye of the storm, so is the phrase as a grain of mud blown by the impression of a artistic thought. The supply of thought shines into the eyes of those that see. And the chord of rigidity resounds into the delicate ear.” (Leaves of Morya’s Backyard I § 269)

Easy methods to use this energy? The instructing of this approaching Age insists on the union of particular person energies in group agreements and chords, and clarifies how the Union in harmonious and unidirectional assemblies concurrently purifies and strengthens thought exponentially:

“When you’re perplexed, sit collectively in silence and suppose one thought. Quickly you’ll perceive how sensible such silent counsel is. We pace the ability of the spirit alongside one channel, and this ends in an uncommon discharge, which is intensified by magnetism and harmonized by rhythm. The regulation is that two harmonious ideas enhance the ability sevenfold. This isn’t magic however a sensible consideration.” (Leaves of Morya’s Backyard I § 269)

A lot has been handed on by all of the Masters about Thought, the emanation of Spirit and a artistic agent, and it’s straightforward to attract from these sources. Right here, at present, underneath the energetic rays of the First and Fifth qualities that Pluto and Venus collectively distribute, we will elevate our eyes to Heaven and welcome their nourishment, in keeping with the tactic of Silence.

“Silence could also be teeming with voices and darkness could also be suffused with mild. Therefore, he who regards Area as empty is not going to apprehend the mighty life manifested in silence as the very best Phrase of Cosmos, nor the invisible because the manifest Eye of Cosmos. The regulation of Cosmos is inviolable, and even man has accepted the Voice of Silence. The place speech is meager, the voice of the center affirms silence. Cosmos in silence makes manifest the language of the center, and the Cosmic Voice might turn out to be audible. Sensitiveness and vigilance can assist us in giving ear to the Voice of Silence. The great thing about Cosmos is manifested in silence. The great thing about silence is expressed in all the upper manifestations of life. Allow us to study to harken to silence! The infinitude of Cosmos creates the manifestation of the Silence.” (Infinity I § 80)

“The transmission of thought can be a manifestation of Silence. We regularly use it. Earlier than the consummation of the thought manifestation, We ship the ray of Silence.” (Infinity I § 81)

“Allow us to take a look at the celebs. We have been advised that the vessel of Knowledge poured its contents from out of Tushita, and the drops of the miraculous draft turned aglow in area. However the Instructor stated, ‘Thus glow the guidelines of the arrows of thought, as a result of thought pierces the radiant substance and creates worlds.’ Artistic thought, don’t stop to adorn area with thy flowers of sunshine!” (Agni Yoga § 122)


This text celebrates the heliocentric alignment between Pluto and Venus, sacred to the First and Fifth Ray, happening on this time of Taurus.





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